Disney Meets Brazzers

My kids love going to Disney Land. In fact, I love taking my wife and kids there, too. Unfortunately for me, when I go on vacation with the family I’m left without getting any nookie from the wife.

It’s near impossible to have an intimate moment when my kids are sleeping in the same room. Also, my daughter likes to take advantage of the fact that we’re all sleeping in the same room, and decides to jump in bed and bury herself between my wife and I.

So what’s a man to do for a week? For me, I tend to let my wife know that I need an afternoon siesta while the family is at the pool. It’s the only time I get to get some sexual release. The downside is that I’m not with my wife.

I know what you’re thinking. ‘Why don’t you drop your kids off at the daycare facility at the hotel?’ Well, that’s a great idea, but my daughter is too young to attend the facility.

So yeah, I find myself jerking off in the hotel room midday on vacation. It’s a far cry from what my vacations used to look like when we didn’t have kids. Now I have to resort to my five finger friend.

The real downside of all of this is that I’m really visual. If I can’t see what I’m getting off to, then all hope is lost. However, I use a little known website to help assist me in my little adventures.

One of my favorite sites that I use is Brazzers. If you’ve been to their site, I think you’ll find what you’re looking for when it comes to jerking off. I think their site is rather expensive, but I found some┬ádeep savings at Brazzers.

I guess I’ll call this site a vacation saver when we have the kids in tow. It helps me get through the rest of my vacation without me being a sex obsessed troll.